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Laurie G. – “Andrew Warde has worked for me several times over the past few years.  Without reservation, I completely trusted my home and animals (2 dogs) with Andrew. So much so, that even when I had to leave town, Andrew and his wife went over a minimum of once a day to check on my property and animals. There are very few people that I would trust my home to, but I had so much confidence in Andrew that I gave him a key to the house and all the combinations to my gates. To me, that is the very epitome of trustworthiness. Most recently, he replaced my kitchen and sunroom flooring with ceramic tile. He has also removed trees and brush from my property and assisted with landscaping my yard. At all times, I found him to be a conscientious, dependable worker, and I would employ him again in a heartbeat. I am confident that you will come to the same conclusions about him as I have.”

Marshall and Pam S. – ”My wife and I have used Andrew Warde repeatedly to provide maintenance and repair of our home. His work, character, and conduct while providing these services was above reproach. We asked him to do many varied tasks from installing doors, to replacing rotten wood on the exterior, to installing a dishwasher just to name a few. He always went above and beyond to fix things he discovered along the way. He even cut our grass because it needed it.

Andrew is trustworthy, reliable and competent to manage your properties while on site or in your absence. We trusted him enough to give him a key to our house and he came and went as he had time in his schedule to complete the work. His knowledge of home maintenance and repair and trustworthiness make him a perfect fit.

We believe you could be well served by this man of integrity and capabilities to care for whatever needs you might have on your property.”

Dr. Milton E. – “Because Andrew Clark and his family have been friends of our family for many years (we have known each other for over thirteen years), Andrew asked me to write a letter of recommendation for him. I am pleased to do this without any reservation.

While I have known Andrew through the years as a hard working, industrious young man, I have had closer contact with him in recent years and have gotten to know his workmanship much better. His craftsmanship is excellent!

In addition, I know him to be a reliable person. He is an honest and trustworthy man. He has initiative, produces excellent results, and sees a project through to its completion. He has an amicable disposition, is flexible, and pleasant to have around. Andrew has my unconditional recommendation for any work he contracts.”

Robert M. – “It’s been my privilege to work with Andrew Clark over the last nine years. His experience as a property manager, builder, and excavator has allowed him to establish the best local contacts in the areas of plumbing, electrics, and home renovation. Andrew has supervised outdoor and indoor projects; he has dealt successfully with a variety of climates and their effects. Andrew has cared for my home while my family has been away. I leave my home without a worry, knowing that he will care for it as his own. One time while I was away he noticed a small leak in my roof and fixed the problem before the minor leak cause major damage. Andrew is committed to keeping his word, following my instructions, and going beyond my expectations.

On several occasions I have witnessed Andrew’s ability to analyze a problem, find the source of the crisis, and solve it. Andrew lives out his philosophy to resolve dilemmas rather than make quick “fixes.” He completes everything he starts, leaving nothing undone. He takes the time necessary to ensure accuracy and top notch satisfaction for his clients. Unexpected events do not throw Andrew off guard. He is always prepared for the unexpected and properly maintains priorities. A businessman myself, I admire Andrew’s honesty, capabilities, and ability to relate to young, middle-aged, and elderly people alike. Hiring Andrew has always been a good move and I would definitely recommend him to others.”



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